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Pregnancy - the differences second time around (poor baby...)

I have been somewhat astounded at how different I have been during this second pregnancy, versus the first time with Etta. Obviously a lot of it is driven by my thoroughly different circumstance of having an active and demanding 2 1/2 year old at home, oh and this business to fill my days, nights and weekends, but still I suspect a lot of the differences are rather universal.

1) I don't really know how many weeks pregnant I am. More than 30, less than 35 at the moment. With Etta I knew to the day, which was no use to anyone unless they were a midwife...

2) I have just one under-used app, not three. And I don't check it daily to find out what fruit she matches the size of or how much hair is covering her body. She's a baby, she'll hopefully look like a baby and not give me any surprises on that front.  

3) My bump is far less moisturised. Yes I am slathering bio oil on when I remember but it was at least twice daily with Etta in the hope of keeping stretch marks at bay (which I suspect are more genetic over cream-quantity related)

4) I haven't packed a hospital bag yet. I have some of the elements but the rest are in the loft. So there might be some last minute ladder scrambling if number 2 decides to make an early appearance. I also suspect that this bag won't include wireless bluetooth speakers, a laminated birth plan or massage oils.... just the essentials which I consider to be giant panty liners and jellybabies!

5) I don't have a birth plan. With naivety on my side for baby #1 my birth plan read like a spa day - music, soft lighting, no painkillers, hypnobirthing and a pool. It ended with major abdominal surgery under bright lights with all the drugs, so perhaps subconcsiously I don't want to jinx it again by writing down what I'd "like" to happen.

6) I have zero bump photos. In stark constrast to the entire "bump shot a week" app which I had for Etta and took religiously, only to change phone and lose them all. But hey who doesn't like 40 odd shots from the same angle to make into a jaunty montage... 

7) The nursery isn't done. In fact we're moving home imminently so there isn't even a nursery. I'm not sure why i rushed to have the perfect space for baby Etta by about 25 weeks, when I should have realised that she'd be in with us for the first 6 or so months - the result was us having to dismantle and rebuild the cot several times as it wouldn't fit through her nursery door into our bedroom. I was not popular that day...

8) I am far more relaxed but perhaps even more excited. Knowing the absolute joy that Etta has brought to our family and continues to bring every day, I can't wait to introduce another little bundle into the mix. I hope with all my heart that they get on and love each other dearly, but I've also seen how Etta treats her dolly so am ready for some wrestling moves to be attempted...

I've just scared myself so i'm off to order some newborn nappies and nipple cream, eek.

Jen x