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What is muslin?   

Muslin is a lightweight and breathable, loosely woven fabric, normally made from cotton or bamboo.

What can I use your extra large muslins for?   

Our Extra Large muslins are incredibly useful and versatile. Because they are both lightweight and absorbent they can be used as a blanket, a breastfeeding cover, flung over a playmat or rug for some sensory tummy time or even for swaddling your baby. We used them with Etta as a cover over her cot sheet, popped underneath her in her sleepyhead to save washing the cover all the time and put them over the changing mat too to make it a little less chilly for her. And then once your baby is a bit older and not using them for as many spillages etc you’ll find yourself using them as a picnic blanket or they even make an excellent superhero’s cape. 

What are the smaller muslin squares used for?  

Our 3-packs of baby muslins are perfect for having over your shoulder when feeding your baby in cradle hold, to not only keep them awake and alert but also to protecting your clothing when burping your baby after a feed. Because our muslins are created in line with your baby’s visual development alongside our expert Laura, they are perfect for sensory play too.

What’s special about Etta Loves muslins

Our muslins are scientifically designed in collaboration with an expert in child’s vision, an Orthoptist, to support babies’ visual and cognitive development. Put simply, the patterns, scales, spacing and colors are based on what your baby can see or will be able to see very shortly. The result is that the prints will look different to your baby week after week, providing visual stimulation and leaving them utterly mesmerized, and a mesmerized baby means a moment of calm for exhausted parents too.

Can I use a 5+ month muslin for a newborn?   

You can absolutely use the older prints as a functional muslin product, however visually your baby will not enjoy them as much as they will their correct age range. 

Can I use the newborn – 4-month range after 5 months?  

Babies love high contrast black and white well into their first year, so if they are still responding well to the newborn – 4 month designs then absolutely keep using them for daily sensory stimulation. The 5+ range is scaled and colored in line with their rapidly developing vision so will provide more appropriate visual stimulation to support them between around 5 months to 1 year old, but as with all things in parenthood, be guided by what your little lovely shows an interest in, as all babies develop as different rates.

My baby is premature, is the newborn range suitable?

A very premature baby’s vision tends to track their due date not their birth date, so we recommend that you place one of our newborn patterns around 10cm away from their face and see how they respond. Depending on how alert they are you might see them showing an interest from very early on or it might take until their due date.


Caring for your products:

Follow the care instructions on our products to minimize any fading and maintain the magical high contrast but for a few specifics, read on.


All muslins come with a care label attached. We recommend washing the muslins at 30c to prevent shrinkage and fading. You can use fabric softener if you want to, but muslin is a fabric that gets softer with each wash. All of our products are pre-washed to set the color and reduce shrinkage and we recommend that you wash your muslins in a white wash to maintain the brightness of the design. 


Our playmats are fully machine washable, simply reshape once dry.


We recommend you wash the beech teething ring in warm soapy water before giving it to your baby, then continue to wipe it clean and allow to dry. The wood can be maintained by gently rubbing it with a natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.

The muslin square can be detached and washed separately.


Our knotted comforters are made of double layer 100% organic muslin with a plush ear. As muslin dries quickly they do not need to be unknotted (and are stitched together), so simply pop in the wash as per the care instructions.


Made from 100% organic cotton, simply wash at 40 degrees and reshape whilst damp if needed. Avoid tumble drying.