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Follow the care instructions on our products to minimise any fading and maintain the magical high contrast.



Our muslins are made of 100% organic cotton muslin. Muslin is a soft, breathable fabric which has been used on babies' delicate skin for centuries. These muslins have been pre-washed and will get softer every time you wash them. We recommend you wash your muslins in a white wash to maintain the brightness of the design.



Our playmats are fully machine washable, simple reshape once dry.



We recommend you wash the beech teething ring in warm soap water before giving it to your baby, then continue to wipe it clean and allow to dry. The wood can be maintained by gently rubbing it with a natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.

The muslin square can be detached and washed separately.



Our knotted loves are made of double layer 100% organic cotton muslin. As muslin dries quickly they do not need to be unknotted, simply pop in the wash as per the care instructions.



Made from 100% organic cotton, simply wash on a low heat and reshape whilst damp if needed. Avoid tumble drying.