3-PACK PLANT PRINT MUSLINS - for newborn to 4 month old babies


Triple pack of supersoft sensory muslin squares in high contrast black and white patterns. Designed to the millimeter to support babies' cognitive and visual development between birth and around four months alongside our consultant orthopist (expert in children's vision).

The ultimate multi-tasker also delivers sensory calm through our scientific patterns, created alongside our consultant orthoptist.

Pack includes 1 x fern, 1 x dandelion and 1 x tree ring design presented in our gorgeous box packaging.

Each muslin is 23in x 23in.

Made from: 100% Organic Cotton

Learn tips on how to use our muslins on our FAQ page here


In the womb the eyes develop incredibly early, starting at around week 3 and continuing until week 10

Customer Reviews

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Krisztina Molnar
Amazing products!

High quality muslins, also the print is perfect! My 4 weeks old granddaughter was so happy for them! I folded on the side of her cot the muszlin and she was Just watching the motives, for long minutes, totally attached with her eyes, silently, even if She's slightly hungry, these muslins take her attention, - i couldn't believe to my eyes, how effective it is! Amazing! Thank you!!!

C Rae
Definitely recommend

My 4 week old is mesmerised by these. Got one as a gift from a friend and immediately bought more for myself and friends that are pregnant!

Genuinely work

Not only are these super soft and very lovely muslins to have around the house – they genuinely work as sensory engagement for the baby. Our baby is two weeks old and has been loving each of the designs ever since we introduced them. He is calm and absorbed and I can’t recommend them high enough. Functional, practical and pretty – what more can you ask from a muslin?

Joan Stevning
Newborn grandson loves these!

We took these to our new grandson on our first visit. He loved them!

Barbara Gaunt
Fun development

I brought pack plant print muslins for my beautiful granddaughter.I have always been interested in developing babies sensory .My daughter is so pleased with them & my granddaughter loves them.You can see her eyes look at the patterns .Thank you & I will be ordering again as she older to help reach her development milestones.Would also recommend to other people