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How to make tummy time enjoyable (or at the least bearable)

benefits of tummy time

However much you may dread it, tummy time helps your baby develop motor skills and the muscles necessary to lift their heads and then to sit up and then crawl, so it’s very important and recommended from birth.

But how do you get your baby to enjoy, or at the very least tolerate tummy time without you both ending up in tears. Here are some ideas to help: 

  • Try rolling a towel and putting it under their armpits to support their chest as it won’t feel as uncomfortable as being face down
  • Lie next to them and provide some entertainment through facial expressions and songs or their favourite high contrast toys or books
  • Slightly older babies (from around 6 months) love mirrors so having a mirror near their head can help them engage with tummy time as they try to get a look at their sweet face
  • Build up slowly from a few minutes a day to the recommended 2 x 15 minutes in total – yes it sounds a lot but once they enjoy the time it will simply be playtime on their front, not tummy time tears.
  • If they’re still hating it then try lying them on you as you recline as they might prefer to push up to see your face initially – after all it is their favourite thing to look at.
  • Most of all don’t panic. Your baby will get there in the end so slowly try and see what encourages them.
And just because we’re here to help too, our clever playmat has been designed especially to make tummy time calmer and more productive, with it’s reversible designs it supports your little one’s developing vision from birth to a year and beyond. Take a peek here.