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Ways to use our muslins for a moment of calm

You hopefully know that our products are super clever but our muslins in particular are incredibly versatile. Not only do they do the multitude of things that muslins do, but they also stimulate your baby's developing eyes from as little as a few days old.

This in built cleverness means that they can very easily work their magic when put in the eye line of your baby, so here are some simple but super effective ways to use them:
  • Hang or tie our muslin over the arch of your baby gym. It will not only complement their eye development but will also encourage them to reach out and try and grab it, benefiting their motor skill development too.
  • Similarly it can be tied around a car seat handle or hung over the head rest in their eye line to keep little ones calm and distracted for those often fraught car journeys or walks around and around the block.
  • Pop it over their sleepyhead (baby cocoon etc) like you would a cover. When they turn their head to the side the wonderful patterns will keep them occupied for long enough for you to have a cup of tea.
  • You can't beat a classic game of peekaboo. Make sure the printed side is on your baby's side so that the high contrast pattern is strongest. By gently pulling the muslin down over their head to their toes, again pattern side down, it will add the extra sensory experience of touch too. 
  • Pop one of our XL muslins as a cover for a playmat (if you don't have our fabulous playmat of course). Your baby's excitement to see the pattern will encourage them to lift their head off the ground, helping them to build up their neck and shoulder muscles. 
  • Or quite simply you can pop it on your shoulder during a cuddle or feed, which is of course how the idea came about. Or tie two corners of one of our XL muslins round your neck, print side down, for a breastfeeding cover. It's the simplest use of our muslins and will help keep your baby awake during sleep inducing feeds. 
There are so many other ways to use them, do let us know how you use yours.