ANIMAL SENSORY STRIP - reversible newborn to 4 months / 5+ months


Our sensory strip provides perfect stimulation for in the pram and tummy time. Reversible dalmatian (newborn-4 month print) and leopard print (5+ months) in soft organic cotton with a comfy padded fill.

Designed alongside our consultant orthoptist specifically to support babies' visual and cognitive development throughout their first year.

Simply attach round the edge of your baby's pram for calm and developmental journeys, or stand it up in front of them during tummy time - as the pattern will encourage your baby to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles (helping them prepare for rolling and crawling) as they try to push up to make more sense of the print before them.

Comes beautifully presented to make the perfect gift too.

Size: 35in x 5.9in with tie tags for secure attachment.

Made from: Outer – Organic cotton. Inner: Polyester padding

Machine washable to make your life easier.

The Lullaby Trust recommend a clear crib for baby's first year to reduce the risk of SIDS. Please do not use this product as a crib bumper.

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Babies see one single image - also known as binocular vision - from around 4 months old

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Great sensory strip!

I bought this for my daughter who loves it! She’s nearly 4 months and has really enjoyed the 0-4 month side of the strip. I’m sure she’s going to love the 5+ month side once she reaches that age. Definitely recommend.

Ginny Thwaites
Great purchase

Saw this on Facebook and bought it for my newest grandson who absolutely loves it. Such a clever idea he has it on his playmat, in his crib and pram and it also amuses him while on his changing mat. Great product.


Bought for grandchildren they are fascinated by them

Jessica Smith-Simmons
Brilliant sensory strip and muslins

I bought a selection of sensory strips, muslins and comforters for our newborn son. We use the strip whilst we’re changing him and he’s absolutely captivated, he really loves it! I’ve recommended Etta loves products to loads of my friends with new babies, they really are facinated by the prints which is a big help when you need to have a shower or hang out the washing! I’ll be buying more myself too!

Phoebe Brewster
Sensory strip

We noticed our 6 week old was staring at the inside of her pram when out and about, after discovering the Etta loves we purchased the strip straight away. She absolutely loves it and keeps her entertained when she’s awake in her pram. It’s superb quality and will last until she’s a lot older with the bright coloured side. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and versatile would highly recommend.