differences between going from one child to two

From one child to two

People tell you that going from one child to two is a whole heap of tricky, but I still grossly underestimated how hard it would be.
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second pregnancy differences

Pregnancy - the differences second time around (poor baby...)

No I don't know how many weeks pregnant I am or which fruit my baby is the size of....
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pregnancy insomnia tips

Pregnancy insomnia, anxiety and me

How I dealt with extreme pregnancy insomnia and anxiety with both of my girls.
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self conscious about bump size

Shut up about my bump

Pregnancy comes with its own unique set of anxieties, which is why people's view on the size of your bump is rarely helpful.
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how babies eyes develop

Laura, our Orthoptist, sees our muslins work their magic

Designing them is one thing, but seeing them in action with your new baby is quite another.
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what to put in a diaper bag

Diaper bag essentials. What NEVER to forget

A list of things you simple must never leave the house without when you have a baby.
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anxiety and motherhood

My everyday fear - anxiety and me

Becoming a mother has brought out a new level of anxiety in me, but it's also helped me understand the importance of trying to not transfer it on to my girls.
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